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Timestamp for On the Page of Every Book.


For [livejournal.com profile] earth_dragon for her prompt on the J2 AU Two Day Free For All

Jared spends Friday nights at Jensen's.

It's closer to work than his and he knows how much ritual means to Jensen. Plus, he gets lucky on a regular basis and that's really fucking fine with him. He wakes slowly the first Saturday morning, rubs his stubbled cheek to Jensen's pillow and thinks about giving him a blowjob. But when he reaches out, he finds only cooling sheets and wrinkled blankets.

"Jensen?" he says, question tilting his sleep slurred voice. "Jensen." he says again when there's no response.

He flips the covers off and turns over, looking for his boxers and blinking sleep from his eyes. The wood floor is cold, not as cold as his tile floors, but chill enough his toes curl and he looks for his socks. Finds one and is on his knees on the floor, looking under the bed for the other when he hears Jensen pad into the bedroom.

"Hey," Jensen says and Jared turns, awkward, head lifted, both knees and one hand on the floor, the other holding up the bed skirt. He drops the fabric and kneels up, sits on his heels so he can really take in the sight of Jensen, rumpled, half dressed, steelrimmed glasses slightly crooked, hair a mess. His cock's hard before he can process with words in his mind how hot his new boyfriend is.

"Hey, you." Jared says, still nursing thoughts of blowjobs.

But Jensen's expression doesn't change. It's blank and sort of sleepy staring and he looks at his watch. Jared quirks an eyebrow and lifts his hand, maybe holding it out, maybe just, he doesn't know.

"Hey, what?" says Jared.

"It's eight twenty." Jensen says, helpless and a little lost. "Coffee." he continues, soft and forelorn.

Jared blinks. And the laughter swells in his chest, swells and lifts and opens him and he laughs big, head back and lighter than air.

"Coffee," he wheezes finally and Jensen's lips tilt a little and he shuffles and swallows and adjusts his glasses.

"I," Jensen starts. Jared wipes the tears from his eyes and finally calms.

"Yeah, okay. Come on, Sugarlips, let's get you some coffee." Jared says, fond and still smiling big as Texas. Jensen blushes right up his throat and on the high ridges of his cheeks. Jared stills for a moment, cock half hard, swallows, and decides blowjobs can wait for coffee.


Starbucks is halfway between Jensen's and the bookstore, which makes Jared smile. Jensen has ways he likes to do things. Jared thinks maybe Jensen got his apartment for its location based on how efficiently he could get home to coffee to work and back. He thinks maybe he spent a little time triangulating the most efficient coarse on a map and looked for apartments in that parameter.

Beside him, Jensen's shuffle walking, cleaned travel mug in his hands like a chalice. Jared sort of wants to kiss him. This is not a new feeling.

When they get to Starbucks, Jared blinks. There's a quiet group of people, not unlike Jensen, standing around the glass doors, mugs in hand, waiting patiently like acolytes waiting for communion. No one speaks.


Watching Jensen drink his first cup of coffee re-awakens Jared's blowjob fantasies.

By the time they get home, his cock's a pulsing insistant thing and he steers Jensen carefully to the sofa, unbuckles his pants and slips them off before pushing him gently down.

Jensen's still drinking his coffee when Jared blows him.

He can't tell if Jensen's moans are the coffee or the feel of him sucking and frankly, he doesn't care.
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