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Just a teeny tiny little drabble follow up to Saxon for Ignorant.

Jan, 2004


"Daniel? Hey! Wake up!" Jack's fingers snap in front of Daniel's wide unseeing eyes.

It takes Daniel a moment to blink, to focus, to see Jack.

"Jack..." Daniel tilts, swaying slightly. He is flushed, pupils dilated, ruffled and shaken.

"Earth to Daniel!" Jack cants his hips, drapes his hand on the butt of his P-90.

He can see Daniel struggle for breath. He should worry, Daniel is prone to alien attention. But this moment, he watches, giving the man a moment to regain his feet.

He watches and sees. It is a look he knows. Not from Daniel, no. But another man, another time. His eyes sweep down taking in all of Daniel in a glance. He wonders for a moment what could've created this in Daniel. And not for the first time, if it were something he could do.

But that is a thought for another time.

"C'mon Daniel, nap time's over." Whatever the answers to that question, they must be put away. Home safely is the only goal.

Distraction is needed.

He waves at the wall, dragging his eyes away from Daniel.

"What's it say?"

Daniel blinks a slow blink. Jack can see the words forming behind his eyes, sees their journey from his mind, stumbling and rolling to his lips, soft and full.

"It's...um it's ...a pillow book." Daniel's fingers make an elegant wave, fluttering.


"Like the Kama Sutra?" It is a thing he knows, this field of words. It is what has created this Daniel, hot and pliant and open.

Jack again drags his eyes away and looks at the swirling mist of symbols.

The slow return of flush washes over Daniel. Jack can see how the small hairs on his arms stand up, can almost feel the sheeting feel of desire pouring off Daniel.

It is a moment before Daniel can speak again. He swallows, his throat working, drawing Jack's eyes. Daniel struggles, wins, sighs has become calmer.

"Yes...so to speak." For a moment Daniel's eyes close. Jack almost misses it.

Now is not the place. It is not the time and nothing will change that.

But this is the next mission. Jack can feel the telemetry of it fill his mind, it's angles and shapes working into a weave of actions, plans, promises. To himself. And to Daniel.

"Okay, then. Let's pack it up." He forces himself to look out the door, his mask, so long honed conceals now, as it always has.

Daniel tries to defy. It is an old dance and familiar. One played across light-years, time, geography, their lives.

"But we should..." this is Daniel's set of steps.

And now his. He looks at Daniel looking at him. He sees the resignation, feels Daniel's pain. A little more of Daniel lost this day.

"I'm coming..."



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