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Title: The King's Ransom
Ficlet - Interlude
Author: fra
Pairing: Many and varied. Viggo/Orli primarily.
Rating: Mature
Warning AR (alternative reality/wishfully historical)
Summary: Oh those lazy days of summer.
Notes: This is for Namerie120. It is long overdue and is meant to be fluff. Sadly, I don't do very fluffy fluff.


2006 Summer

The horses had run themselves out and now stood ankle deep, sides heaving, muzzles in the icy creek. Viggo watched them from the shaded bole of an immense oak, idly braiding a leather thong, one knee bent, sweat trickling down his chest in hot rivulets.

The last days of summer had meant leisure; time for lazy mornings sleeping and afternoons spent riding or sparing. His men lay in pairs and small groups under the reaching branches, passing water skins, joking and smiling. Viggo smiled with them.

Orlanus, now so comfortable with his men, sat between Elly and Karl, his smile soft and unguarded. Breathtaking. Viggo dropped his eyes back to his braiding, his breeches gone tight and humid.

The flutter of cloth caught his eye and he turned to see Dom, shirtless, running towards the water, fingers working the rough lace of his breeches, his men leering and whistling. But in a moment Wills followed and there erupted a flurry of linen and wool as each raced the other to divest his clothing and run to the blessed coolness of the water.

Viggo smiled broadly, laughed roundly until the group parted and he caught site of Orlanus, wiggling free of his tight northern breeches and laughing freely. He swallowed.

"Viggo!" A voice called to him. "With us!" Another echoed. He shook his head.

"No, Wills. I'm quite happy here." He called back. Orlanus made the last few feet to the water and shouted as he plunged into the creek, his long brown limbs making Viggo hungry to taste, to feel.

He was shaken from his brief reverie by the spatter of frigid water across his chest and the side of his face. He instinctively raised his hands, shouting, but he was surrounded and roughly shed of his clothes by the many hands of his traitorous sword brothers, carried to the rivers brim and unceremoniously tossed into the clear rippling water.

The savage bite of cold took his breath and he shouted as he broke the surface and found his feet, swearing and cursing as colorfully as he could manage. There commenced much splashing and hooting. Karl threw Elly over his shoulder, much to Elly's shock and suffered bitter revenge by way of a handful of slimy weeds between his ass cheeks.

Viggo couldn't help laughing at the look on Karl's face and the sound of his bellow of disgust. Elly's shriek of fear just made them all laugh louder and they watched as he wriggled, slippery as a seal within Karl's grasp. In the end Karl was the winner though Viggo suspected that later, they'd both win.

The water's unrelenting coldness finally forced the men back to the sunny slope of the bank where they flopped like so many fish, drinking in the sun's warmth and lazing sleepily. Wills eeled his way into the crook of Dom's body, pinned one bronzed arm to his chest and fell happily to sleep. Karl and Elly walked down the riverbank and away from prying eyes.

Soon the rest of them were breathing deeply in pairs or alone. Viggo lay on his side, one arm bent beneath his cheek as he watched the water flowing away and the soft lumps of his men on the bank. Not far away he could just see the rise of Orlanus hip, brown and tempting.

Hans rolled on to his back and suddenly Viggo met Orlanus eyes over the bridge of Hans nose. They looked at each other, faces passive, eyes locked, for the space of many breaths before Orlanus looked away, rose and walked up the bank toward the oak grove.

Viggo watched the lean strong back recede into the shadowed glade and disappear. It took him only a handful of heartbeats to roll to his feet and follow.

The air cooled as he entered the shade and a moment passed before his eyes adjusted. Orlanus stood against the wide round bole Viggo had vacated earlier, watching him approach, eyes darkened with hunger.

"My lord," He murmured just before Viggo grasped him, hands round the soft muscle of his upper arms, weight bearing him back against the hard wood of the tree. " I had begun to despair…" whatever followed was lost in Viggo's mouth.

Viggo kissed him opened mouthed and wet, the feel of Orlanus lips soft as he remembered, his skin smooth and still cool from the water but for the hot thrust of his cock against Viggo's thigh. Orlanus murmured something in Roman as Viggo ate at the skin of his neck and he gasped loudly when Viggo's hand closed around the base of his cock.

Orlanus spoke then, rough words in broken German and some Roman as Viggo worked the length of his cock. "Why? Why did you make me wait so long. Why now. Sweet goddess, yes. Oh…" he panted.

Viggo released Orlanus' nipple and stood up, meeting his eye even as he continued stroking Orlanus' cock. "Because I could not wait a moment longer." he rumbled and kissed Orlanus again.

After a moment he drew away and lowered himself to the ground, tugging Orlanus hand, mutely asking him to follow. Orlanus sank to his knees as gracefully as a Sultan's dancer and Viggo's cock surged, his attention narrowed to the tempting curve of lip and thigh.

Viggo took Orlanus in his arms and turned, lowering him to the mossy forest floor. He dug into his abandoned leather satchel for oil and wasted not a moment before pouring it onto his shaking fingers, spilling some on Orlanus belly and his own thigh in the process. Orlanus wrapped his hand around Viggo's wrist. The touch drew Viggo's gaze up to Orlanus face.

"You're shaking." he whispered.

Viggo swallowed.

"Has it been so long?" Orlanus asked, eyes searching his face.

Viggo felt the rough edge of grief, not nearly as softened by time as he thought it might be, and nodded. "Yes." He admitted.

Orlanus nodded. "Here, let me." he said and drew his hand across Viggo's, collecting the oil even as he pulled Viggo down for a another kiss. Slick fingers wrapped around Viggo's cock, spreading the oil as they stroked him. Arousal and grief choked Viggo and he felt his chest grow tight and thick.

He could smell the mossy loam mixed with the heady aroma of male arousal. The smells made him ache for the last time he'd taken a lover here. For the loss of that time and that lover. Nearly two years gone and the pain still gnawed at him. But this was not David, this man under him. Nor was he any of the many who he'd tried to forget with.

Orlanus' hands cupped his shaft and scrotum, his legs a warm weight around Viggo's waist. There was no hesitation, no doubt on Orlanus face. Only the drowsy, half lidded look of desire.

"My lord, please…" Orlanus murmured. "Viggo..."

And there was a clunk in his chest, a weight swung free, opened him to this moment, closed on the moments of the past. The feeling made him sigh out a soft breath and nod.

"Yes..." He said and shifted his weight, covering Orlanus hand with is own, guiding his cock to Orlanus crease. Orlanus' arched his back then reversed, curling his hips up as Viggo entered him, fitting his hips to Orlanus in one true, solid thrust.

"Aahh…" Orlanus moaned and sucked in his lower lip, his brow furrowed with concentration as Viggo plowed him. Viggo could see the rise of pleasure on Orlanus' face and he gasped and grunted when Orlanus tightened his muscles, tilted his hips and used his catamites skills on him.

Orlanus smiled a filthy smile, bit his lip again at the bottom of a thrust. Viggo dragged himself out, nearly his whole length, returned Orlanus smile and thrust hard, jolting the slim body a few inches along the forest floor.
"Gods!" Orlanus cried out.

Viggo continued to smile as he speared slow and deep into Orlanus. He smiled as Orlanus huffed on each stab and when Orlanus' chin came up and he arched, shooting a thick jet of come across his flat belly, Viggo barked out a cry of victory and came messily, shudderingly and with abandon.

Date: 2006-10-06 04:17 pm (UTC)
nverland: (Default)
From: [personal profile] nverland
You had me with that first paragraph. What a lovely visual story.

Date: 2006-10-06 06:30 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wede-fic.livejournal.com
thank you! I'm glad you liked it.

Date: 2006-10-14 03:41 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] oceansecrets2.livejournal.com
Thank you for pointing me here! I've been so behind in my Lj reading that I might have missed it, and this is too wonderful to miss.

Viggo kissed him opened mouthed and wet, the feel of Orlanus lips soft as he remembered, his skin smooth and still cool from the water but for the hot thrust of his cock against Viggo's thigh. What a fabulously sensuous description, I could feel the chill and the heat and the wetness and the hunger so rawly. If this is fluff, then you do it excellently, in my opinion.

Date: 2006-10-14 03:58 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] wede-fic.livejournal.com
Yay! I'm so glad you liked it. and thank you for the nice compliment. I may try some more fluff. It was sort of fun.


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