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Coercion Notes: written for Karitawyr for the jedi_santa challenge. Beta's by randomalia and dragonkal to whom I owe so much for such great insights. All mistakes remaining are mine. 2004 ish.

Fic move.

Mar. 16th, 2017 02:33 pm
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It's been a looooong time. Since I posted, since I wrote or read in fandom, since everything. Depression will do that to you.

I'm moving as much as I can find to this journal.

It's purely for me.
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Timestamp for On the Page of Every Book.


For [livejournal.com profile] earth_dragon for her prompt on the J2 AU Two Day Free For All

Coffee )
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Jared/Jensen, Surprise JDM
For [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly for her boring train ride home. Her prompt was: The J's as flirty awkward coworkers at a bookstore.
1100 words, plus or minus.

Words )
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Title: Hawk and Tamer
author: wede
pairing: Jeff Morgan/Christian Kane

notes: existing relationship.

summary: food and sex.

Hawk and Tamer )
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So, anyone have a few minutes and feel like link checking our big bang?

J2 with sides of lots of cw pairings. Sprawling western, image heavy and full of wonderful world details.

Help please?
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Gone to Shadow, Gone to Light
Viggo/Elijah (Orlando/Elijah)
Mature with warnings for blood.
Set in the Porcelain and Bittersweet Verse. It's been a few years and Elijah has a choice to make. But as with all things surrounding Everens and it's inhabitants, there are layers and reasons and whys that only Viggo knows.

Gone to Shadow, Gone to Light )


Jun. 19th, 2008 11:15 am
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Porcelain and Bittersweet

King's Ransom
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Title: Wolgemut

Author: wede

Pairing: Viggo/Orlando, Elijah/Karl, Elijah/other, Dom/Billeh, Ian/Elijah, also mention of het and femslash.

Rating: Mature

Warning AR (history flavored with a hint of carnality and soupcon of wishful thinking)
Summary: Viggo must find a way to make Orlanus want to stay. And some of the men make light and are put in their places. He's not King for nothing.
Please ask before archiving.

Disclaimer: fic·tion (fĭk'shən)n.

Word count: 1980

Beta: Namarie120 looked this over for me (thank you!). Her only comment was more. So all the mistakes in it are mine and mine alone.

Part 1 Des Konigs Loesgeld
Part 2 King's Ransom
Part 3 (pornish interlude for Namarie)Before the Fall

Wolgemut is an old Germanic term meaning, 'to be in a good mood'.

Wolgemut )
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Feign’d deaths to die
Category: POV, Sex, Qui/Obi, Slight Kink
Rating: R+
Warnings: sex, and grubbs
Spoilers: Not even close to canon. Nothing to spoil.
Summary: Masters make padawans do things they don't want to. Cause it's good for 'em. this is my remix of Fishgoat's 'Guess Again' for the Remix redux challenge. Title from John Donne.
Feedback: yes, please, any comments welcome.
This is from a few years ago when I was still writing TPM. I'm going to be finishing up and reposting some of those stories so I'm collecting them here.

Feign'd deaths to die )

Fic: Iced

Mar. 13th, 2007 04:50 pm
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Fic: Iced
by: Wede
pairing: viggorli with a side of the bean.
Written in a timed writing panel at Escapade 2006.
Because I'm moving all my fic here. So odd little pieces will just show up for a while.
Disclaimer as usual: no money, no harm intended.
Feedback is always appreciated.
Iced )
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Title: Bodies, Rest and Motion
Author: wede
Pairing: ViggOrli Orli/Other
Rating: Mature
Summary: Particles of Truth from Viggo's perspective.
Particles Of Truth
Warnings: Het references, comma abuse, lack of plot, rambling, general obtuseness.
Disclaimer: I don’t know either Orli or Viggo but if they knew about this, I'd love for them to take it as the highest form of worship. Archive: my fic journal.
Author’s Notes: Viggo's way of seeing is such a fascination for me. It seems to transcend common sight and thought to someplace that seems magical. I think he's just further along the path than we are. New technology always looks like magic in the beginning.

Bodies, Rest and Motion )
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Title: Spanish Fly
Author: wede
Pairing: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: Mature
Warning: schmoop
Summary: happy birthday, vig.
Email: fra_hulettaes@yahoo.com
originally posted in 2005 for Viggo's birthday to: vigorli, carefullykissed, orlandoslash, and vigorli yahoo group.
Fiction only, not a fact in sight.
no beta, as usual.

His pocket rang. )
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This is Island Fic.
Originally posted on Island_fic in 2005.
My one and only fic in this fandom.
Just playing with Sean and Ewan for a bit.

If there was one good thing you could say about L.A... )
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Title: The King's Ransom
Ficlet - Interlude
Author: fra
Pairing: Many and varied. Viggo/Orli primarily.
Rating: Mature
Warning AR (alternative reality/wishfully historical)
Summary: Oh those lazy days of summer.
Notes: This is for Namerie120. It is long overdue and is meant to be fluff. Sadly, I don't do very fluffy fluff.

Before the Fall )
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The Massage Series 4


P4X-347 )
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The Massage Series 3


Margem )
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The Massage Series 2


Toque )
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The Massage Series 1

Deixado Va

Chirp. Chirp. Chirp. )
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Just a teeny tiny little drabble follow up to Saxon for Ignorant.

Penalty for Hooking )